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Putter fittings are maybe the most critical task when it comes to improving your score from tee to green here at Augusta Custom Clubs. Unfortunately, few golfers use them. In this post, we want to educate you on a few things that happen when our master fitter at Augusta Custom Clubs assesses your putter.The benefit of a putter fitting vs. a wedge, iron, or driver fitting is twofold:Golfers can learn more about what they're doing wrong in their setup and putting stroke and how to improve by using our putting lab. So it won't just be about your gear; you'll most likely learn everything you need to know about improving your technical game on the greens.Frequently, we find that our clients do not require the purchase of a new putter. Only minor adjustments to your current putter are possible.WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS YOU CAN LEARN?The majority of golfers don't know how to set up for putting properly. Poor posture, alignment, or ball placement could all be to blame.Furthermore, many players are confused with the putting stroke's mechanics and how putters work.During your fitting, you'll discover a lot about these three areas. Instead of an equipment evaluation, most clients believe they received a lesson on how to putt better. This is why we work hard to educate Augusta Custom Clubs' customers on the benefits of a putter fitting. Fittings for your putter might have a more significant impact on your game than any other club in your bag.EXPECTATIONS DURING THE INSTALLATIONPutter fittings are similar to other club fittings in terms of the evaluating process.First, we'll discuss what's going on with your putting game. I'm curious if you're having more significant trouble with pace control, mishits, or getting the ball to start on the intended line.Then we'll measure your putter and putting stroke while watching you take a few strokes.We can collect static measurements of your current putter. Length, lie angle, loft, weight, and a few other essential metrics are what we want to understand.We will do all putter fittings with Blast Motion Technology, laser aim systems, and biomechanical technologies rather than a launch monitor. I will give you a thorough evaluation of your putting stroke. When you're done, you'll have a better understanding of the factors that affect your putting game.After striking a few putts and analyzing the data on your putting stroke, we'll start working on different putters for you. Grip, shaft length, weight, head style, loft, and lie angle are all variables to consider.The main question is whether you would benefit from a new putter or if your current putter is acceptable but needs some "tweaking." Many golfers do not return to putter fittings with a new putter. We may need to make some adjustments to your present setup.WE BURN AWAY THE MYTHS Many golfers, as you may know, base their purchasing selections on brand reputation and attractiveness. After learning which one is best for their stroke, players are also more likely to choose a head style (blade or mallet).While there are some general criteria, we've found that every golfer is different. You've probably heard that a blade putter is better for arcing strokes, and a mallet is better for a "straight back" stroke.Based on the experience of hundreds of putter fitters, we know that misconceptions do not contribute to improved scores. Our goal, as usual, is to give you a putter customized to your stroke. We've worked with various manufacturers and can fine-tune your current or new putter down to the smallest detail.As a result, people have more faith in the greens. You'll feel more at ease when it comes to putting now that you know you have the right equipment!If you've never had a putter fitting before, we recommend that you do so here. You'll learn a lot about how to improve your putting and how to ensure that you have the right equipment to help you along the road.