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What to expect from your
Custom Club Fitting

We are here to enhance your capabilities.

At Augusta Custom Clubs, we perform custom club fitting based on your size, strength, athletic ability, and swing characteristics. If you choose a set of custom golf clubs, we will build all 14 of your clubs from scratch to fit your specifications. A golf club should be as personal as your shoes, and every golfer is different. Your clubs should be too. We also provide advice on your golf equipment from your set makeup to your golf balls.

From the putter to the driver, every club in your bag will serve you better if it is custom fit. Remember, we are trying to optimize direction, distance, consistency, and feel with each club. We are your one-stop-shop for custom club fitting in Augusta.

What if all your clubs felt the same as your favorite club? Once we match the moment of inertia of your favorite club, we will be able to make every club feel like it's your favorite! You'll gain more confidence with your mid-irons, and you may even start to hit your long irons. MOI matching of your clubs is a must-have for the discerning golfer and a significant improvement for the duffer.


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While an in-person club fitting will always be superior to an online clubfitting I have developed a process that allows us to work together through modern technology to accomplish a club fitting that far surpasses anything else. Our club fitting process can be completed virtually!


We can repair your favorite club or build you a custom new set. Need both? Contact us today and learn more.