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Forged carbon steel with a CNC machined deep back cavity for the highest MOI in a truly forged iron design.


  • 575-mb-9.png

    Progressive cavity back and muscle back forged designs with each design formed by CNC Machining.

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    ERG X series

    Designed for the professional golfer and "performance over hype,” the V3 1025 forged blades produce a higher velocity with a penetrating ball flight necessary for creating game-winning shots.

  • x1_iron_480x-removebg-preview.png

    The X1 Series irons are a true player’s iron designed to get the most out of every approach, pitch, and chip.

    ERG X1-1025 Forged Irons advance the fusion of technology, performance, and design creating a high-quality superior iron. ERG weight and the balance design system enable fast ball speeds across the clubface for a longer distance on your off-center shots.

    The X1 Series has the premium look, feel, and sound of a high-quality superior iron.

  • 22140bc0-92bb-11ea-8ece-0242ac110003-37378001_638933203143545_5957589852571566080_o-removebg-preview.png
    ERG X2 iron

    The ERG X2 irons offer cutting-edge technology with a thin 455 maraging face, tungsten insert, and 1025 forged body to create an iron that is unmatched in the market today. If you are serious about higher ball speeds, greater distance, and additional control, the X2 series irons will deliver.

  • 4379cca0-92bb-11ea-841e-0242ac110003-87204016_1044390369264491_2307277966377222144_o-removebg-preview.png

    Designed for the professional golfer and "performance over hype,” the V3 1025 forged blades produce a higher velocity with a penetrating ball flight necessary for creating game-winning shots.

  • cbxbladeironface_254a06cd-5a94-4313-8af0-1d5877905f0e_1400x-removebg-preview.png
    Exotics CBX Blade Iron

    The CBX blade is a timeless muscle-back iron which makes it the perfect choice for today’s player looking for that classic forged feel.

    Triple forged from modern S25 carbon steel, CBX blades embody a truly classic muscle-back style that delivers unsurpassed responsiveness and shot control. The CBX’s narrow sole, thin top line, beveled leading edge, and square toe design are guaranteed to inspire shot-making purists.

    Designed from player inspiration and advanced CAD technology, CBX Blades deliver purely forged feel and sound. Precision-milled square grooves are laser engraved to ensure every iron is USGA compliant.

    For some golfers, there is no substitute for a forged blade. CBX is the ideal choice for players who demand excellence from themselves and their equipment.

  • rx2_iron_back_360_360x360-removebg-preview.png
    Alpha RX-2 Iron

    Similar to the RX-1, the RX-2 irons handle with ease and provide the benefit of easy-to-hit straight shots. A modified cavity slims the sole a tad bit, allowing for more workability. This is the perfect choice for mid to low handicappers and shot-shapers looking for the benefit of both forgiveness and control, all wrapped up in clean, profiled iron.

  • f2dfbce0-92bb-11ea-841e-0242ac110003-565-aw-removebg-preview.png

    Wishon Golf’s 2nd Generation 560 Series forged iron adds a more solid on-center feel to the best off-center forgiveness in a forged carbon steel iron.

  • 771 face.png

    The 771 features a thin face and a high COR variable thickness face in a carbon steel body to offer a wide range in lie and loft bending for custom fitting.

  • 979 ss pw.png

    This progressive blade height design graduates through the set from semi-shallow on the long irons to conventional blade height on the short irons to position the CG low on the lower loft irons, but conventional on the higher loft irons.

    You'll enjoy a semi-wide, symmetrical width sole design with face-to-back sole radius, and the blunt leading edge achieves clean, solid contact through all grass and turf conditions.


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