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The popular HM Series wedges feature a unique custom sole grind to increase playability for more types of wedge shots

The zero-bounce heel grind removes bounce from the heel end of the sole for more consistency when the face is opened to hit finesse and cut shots

304hm - aw.png

  • 307-60 platinum.png
    307 PCF

    This traditional, narrow soled classic shape and profile stands as the finest overall shape and set up behind the ball in a Wishon Golf original wedge design.

    CNC Milled Face combined with Wishon’s unique Micro-Groove™ scorelines offers the highest level of backspin available in a wedge design.

  • 82053719_1005147939855401_2435392395525750784_o.jpg

    The ERG Wedges are manufactured from high quality 8620 steel alloy for a softer feel and better performance.

    These wedge heads have a unique design that moves the center of gravity lower and away from the hosel towards the center of the club-face resulting in a more consistent ball-spin rate.

  • 90100197_1065597107143817_701794048393871360_o.jpg

    Forged from 8620 soft carbon steel, the new PXG 0311 forged wedges have a versatile sole design that performs exceptionally well from all types of grass and playing conditions. CNC milled grooves have been designed to yield the maximum amount of spin on shorter shots near the green while optimizing spin on longer shots from the fairway.

  • w7_wedge_1_480x-removebg-preview.png
    W-7 WEDGE

    The W7 Wedges are designed for golfers who want optimum performance in their short game.

    The compact head design and micro-milled face promote confidence and control when making shots into and around the green.

    Each W7 wedge has micro-milled score lines with a progressive sole grind to create solid contact with consistent distance control resulting in pin-point precision shots.

    The grind is a special tour grind that will appeal to a broad selection of golfers. The range of lofts and bounces will assure that the golfer will get the specifications he or she needs for their play. Beautifully finished in a PVD silver-smoke color.

  • rallywedgesole_1400x-removebg-preview.png
    Tour Edge Rally Wedge

    The Rally Wedge is designed to give players the freedom to be creative around the greens. If an approach shot leaves you with a challenging up-and-down, the Rally Wedge will get you back on the green, no matter what kind of lie you have.

    Tour Edge engineers took great care in formulating the shape and design of the Rally Wedge. The Rally’s high-toe allows players to open the head for high, soft-landing flop shots. The cambered sole is more rounded for minimal turf interaction regardless of lie conditions. Maximizing versatility, the concave flange incorporates a medium bounce angle for any turf or sand condition.

    The Rally Wedge is available in KBS Tour Black Nickel shaft and UST Mamiya Recoil graphite shaft.

  • ezgif-6-f3a579728c37-removebg-preview.png
    Alpha PF-2C Wedge

    Incredibly soft and smooth, the PF-2C wedges are the perfect blend of look, feel, and value. Cast from 304 SS, these wedges are customizable up to 5 degrees in both loft and lie and are available in 4 lofts for maximum range. A lustrous satin-gloss finish makes the wedge beautiful to set up. The extra bounce is added to help get the ball up and out with a smooth finish.

  • 308-removebg-preview.png

    A unique re-design of Wishon’s bestselling wedge model, with the most versatile sole in the game.

    The traditional sole and classic round profile shape stands as a truly superb overall shape with pleasing set up behind the ball

    CNC Milled Face with Wishon Golfs proprietary Micro-Groove™ scorelines maximize every golfer’s ability to spin the ball. Tests with a TrackMan® launch monitor to verify a 1000rpm increase in spin rate compared to the typical U-groove scorelines on a glass bead blast face.

    Wishon Golf’s proprietary zero-bounce heel grind ensures the leading edge of the face remains low to the ground when the face is opened for cut and finesse shots.

    • Conforms to 2010 USGA/R&A groove rules
    • PCF Micro Pro wedges are produced in a durable satin nickel/chromium electroplated finish
    • Available in both RH and LH


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